If you’re thinking of migrating to Spain for any period of time, we recommend you to hire a lawyer with the ability to help you with everything that you need, from help with real estate to guidance with the type of visa that’s best for you. Check out lawyersinmarbella.net a law firm of experts in immigrations processes and real estate law.

Choose a specialist

The best option is to choose a lawyer who’s a specialist in immigration law instead of general one. For example, a lawyer whose primary work is criminal defense, may not know the Spanish immigration law as well as one that decided to focus solely into it.

Compare your options

There’s a lot of lawyers out there that offer to give a first consultation without cost, take advantage of this to check out several law firms until you find one that clicks with you. It is very important that you feel like you can trust your lawyer. After all, he or she will be managing a very delicate process for you.

You pay for what you get

There’s a Spanish proverb that roughly translates to “at the end, cheap stuff is expensive” because if you choose something just for the price and not for the quality, it probably will be bad and won´t work well. This also applies to a lawyer. If you choose yours only because is the cheapest one, you may get an inexperienced one that’s not able to come through for you. Likewise, if you choose the most expensive one, you may be paying a lot for something that others could’ve done equally well but for a much better price.

The ideal thing to do is to take some time to check services, fees and experience and make a decision based on all of these aspects and not just the cost. Believe us, you will be thankful for this later on.

There are a lot of procedures that are better left at the hands of an expert on immigration laws like fulfilling your golden visa application or helping you form a new company from zero. So be sure to take your time and choose one that you’re comfortable with.

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