So you’ve finally made up your mind and decided to sell your properties in the USA and live in Spain, well, ¡Congratulations! Spain is an amazing country to live in. it has a great weather and tons of things to do, like going to Marbella or Ibiza for the weekend or staying in the city for a La Liga football (soccer) match. Also, one of the great things of Spain is its gastronomy. Its privileged position in the Iberian Peninsula provides a delicacy for every person. From its amazing jamón ibérico (iberian ham) to the exquisite paella, full of fresh seafood.

Paperwork, lots of paperwork

But! Before you can start tasting and seeing all that Spain has to offer, you first need to go through tons of paperwork and procedures. Applying for a visa, a NIE (Foreign Identification Number) number or a TIE (Foreign identification card) card are only a few of the requisites needed to start a life in Spain. This is why it is a great idea to use the services of pages like because they let you put all the tedious and difficult parts of the paperwork in hands of experts with years of experience in the matter.

Having a group on attorneys making all the necessary procedures for you can prove to be an immense relief, because you can use your time to focus on more important things, like arranging the moving or adjusting your budget. Also, by using these services, you could also avoid doing unnecessary trips to the country, because everything will be managed by the experts and then sent to you via mail.

These lawyers have the capacity to guide you through all the steps of the process, like getting a visa. As you may now, there are a bunch of different types, and choosing the right one for you can be very confusing. You don’t want to apply for a work visa when a golden visa could very well be exactly what you need. They could also help you with the purchase of your new house or apartment and issuing your very own NIE number.

So go ahead and check the page in the third paragraph, it could save your life if you´re feeling overwhelmed by all the processes that you have to go through to get a new life in Spain.

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